Sacramento Gas Station Power Washing

Don't let your Gas Station concrete pose a health and safety risk! Beyond just looking bad unchecked Gas Station concrete can be a major liability. Cyclone Eco Cleaning's Gas Station Power Washing Service will eliminate the liabilities caused by Slippery and hazardous oil, antifreeze, and grease spills


Wastewater contains the used motor oil, antifreeze, grease, and grime. These toxic pollutants should NEVER be discharged into storm drains! Proper wastewater management by Cyclone Eco Cleaning is the solution. Using our process, wastewater is captured, filtered to 5-micron purity and reused. While enjoying your clean image with our service, you're also helping the environment, because we capture harmful contaminates before a rain event washes them directly into our rivers. Cyclone Eco Cleaning process is actually beneficial to the environment. We are licensed and fully insured. Call us today for a free demo and estimate.