Effective, Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing in Sacramento, Roseville & Folsom

First impressions are so important. The appearance of your property speaks volumes to visitors even before they interact with you. High-quality pressure washing can bring the exterior of your building back to the clean and well-maintained look it once had, reflecting your commitment to high standards. Give customers, guests and residents a warmer welcome and greater confidence in your ability to serve and make them comfortable.

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Pressure Washing Pros

Our expert team, industry-leading equipment and effective and eco-friendly cleaning agents provide the building and grounds cleaning services you need. We expertly lift away rust, algae, dirt, fungus, bacteria, mildew, mold and even viruses on exterior walls, refresh dumpsters, and even lift away graffiti on fencing, walls and concrete surfaces. Whether it’s multi-family buildings, commercial properties or single-family homes, we’ve got all your exterior cleaning needs covered.

Improve curb appeal
Increase property value
Maintain building structure
Enhance health of residents

Commercial Services

‘Green’ Power Pressure Washing in Sacramento, Roseville & FolsomInstead of tasking your maintenance team to clean the exterior of your building, parking lot and sidewalks, our commercial pressure washing pros can take care of these tasks rapidly and with high effectiveness. Whether its ordinary grime on the outside of your structure, gum on your sidewalks or automotive fluid leaks in your parking lot, we’ve got the co-friendly know-how and equipment to restore a professional, polished appearance to your business.

Gas Station Services

Automotive fluids on gas station asphalt and concrete surfaces can’t just be hosed away. There are serious environmental considerations and liabilities attached. Our ‘green’ approach to gas station power washing safely removes fuel, antifreeze, motor oil, grease and similar spills, carefully capturing waste water for approved disposal.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Having disposal facilities on-site is convenient for your business, tenants or residents, but unsightly and/or smelly dumpsters can detract from those benefits. Protect residents and neighbors by keeping dumpsters clean of mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses. Our dumpster pad cleaning services leave your containers neat and sanitary.

Building Pressure Washing

Restore your building’s appearance by lifting away weathered grime, algae, mold, rust and other contaminates. Our proven building pressure washing techniques effectively remove stains and dirt, maintaining structural integrity and keeping your building looking well-cared for.

Graffiti Removal

Removing unsightly graffiti quickly and completely is important to your reputation and the comfort of your residents or occupants. Our prompt and responsive graffiti removal is ready whenever vandals strike.

Multi-Family Structure Cleaning

A nice-looking multi-family structure attracts tenants and enhances the well-being of your community. Keeping your building(s) clean and neat signals your dedication to high standards of upkeep, and communicates you expect the same from tenants. Our multi-family building pressure washing service plans remove seasonal grime and maintain an attractive appearance year-round.

Why Choose Us?

Beautify your business, enhance your reputation & avoid wastewater non-compliance & fines with ‘green’ pressure washing. Discover the Cyclone Eco Powerwash difference!Providing the latest in hot water and soft washer pressure washing supported by eco-friendly water recovery systems, we use cutting-edge technology including Smart Sponges to protect storm drains. Save money with our weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance plans.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cyclone Eco Power wash offers free demonstrations of our environmentally-conscious cleaning methods and agents, along with free estimates. Certified sustainable, we’re fully licensed and insured with a Concrete Solid Guarantee. If your business is cited by the EPA, the county, or any other local, state or federal agency for mismanagement of wastewater during our cleaning, we’ll pay you double the fine! Contact us today to get safely cleaned up.
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