Need to Clean a Dumpster in Sacramento? Save Money with Professional Help

cyclone eco Need to Clean a Dumpster in Sacramento Save Money with Professional Help

Cleaning a dumpster requires much more than just hosing it out. Power washing effectively lifts away dirt, grime, bacteria, animal waste, bugs and oils that make your dumpster pad look and smell bad. Paying a professional company to complete the work actually saves your business money in several important ways. When you need to clean a dumpster, here’s why it matters how it’s done.

Shields Your Company From Liability

Simply hosing down a dirty dumpster allows that water–water that is likely contaminated with oils, animal waste and bacteria–to enter the municipal water system through storm drains. If this is a violation of federal, state or local laws, you could face stiff penalties and fines, at a minimum. A professional power washing contractor uses state of the art technology to filter harmful substances from wastewater.

Protects Your Reputation

Keeping tenants is the best way to maintain your bottom line, and if they think your commercial buildings and their surroundings are unpleasant to look at or smelly, they may be unlikely to sign or renew a lease. What’s more, their word of mouth about the poor upkeep of your properties may make it hard to find tenants. Thorough power washing leaves your dumpster fresh and clean, so employees taking out the trash won’t find it an unpleasant task.

Grows Your Profits

Leverage your immaculately maintained building with clean and sanitary dumpster pads into more competitive leasing rates. Your properties are an extension of your tenants’ reputations in their customers’ eyes. When you can offer tenants a beautiful location that reflects high standards, you can ask for rents that are in line with those standards.

Ready to Clean a Dumpster in Sacramento?

Cyclone Eco Powerwash is a locally owned company that’s proud to serve commercial clients, including multi-family homeowners, HOA companies and gas stations with expert power washing and dumpster pad cleaning services. Our well-trained team cleans building exteriors and interiors, too, and we have a strong reputation for effective graffiti removal. Contact us today to book your free demonstration for us to show you how well we clean a dumpster.

Protect Your Business & Reputation By Hiring Cleaning Pros to Clean a Dumpster in Sacramento

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Posted on November 9, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business

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