See Why Citrus Heights Property Owners Hire a Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete

cyclone eco See Why Citrus Heights Property Owners Hire a Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete

The concrete at your business, apartment complex, gas station or dumpster pad takes a beating, with harsh weather, spills, stains, vegetation and leafy debris, pests and even graffiti. When it looks soiled and dirty, smells or attracts pests, it’s a turn-off to potential customers and residents. Instead of struggling with cleaning it yourself, see why it’s smart to hire an experienced pressure washer to clean concrete

Cost Savings

Not only does this specialized kind of cleaning and sanitizing require certain equipment, it also requires knowledge of pressure washing techniques. Some tools or strategies could damage your concrete. Allowing the careless runoff of contaminated water may also result in fines. Calling a cleaning contractor that only works on concrete saves you the cost of equipment, training and possible fines.

Greater Efficiency

Because a pressure washing company already has the machines and trained staff, they can provide the services you need, fast. They send out a cleaning team that gets to work right away so you and your team can keep working on your business. 

Thorough Results

The porous nature of concrete allows contaminants to sink deeply into the surface, making them hard to remove with a typical brush and soapy water or hose. A professional power washer completely lifts away dirt, grime and soil with sprayers that are effective yet gentle enough to avoid damaging the surface. 

Do You Need a Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete in Citrus Heights?

Cyclone Eco Powerwash is a locally owned company that’s proud to serve residential and commercial clients, including multi-family homeowners, HOA companies and gas stations with expert dumpster pad cleaning services. Our well-trained team cleans building exteriors and interiors, too, and we have a strong reputation for effective graffiti removal using a pressure washer to clean concrete. Contact us today to book your free demonstration and see why our guarantee stands out.

Dedicated Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete in Citrus Heights

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Posted on August 9, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business

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